Merry Christmas

2012 was an exciting year for our family. We bought a minivan, had our third child, and had many exciting adventures.


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Here is a short video with some small moments from 2012.

This Year We...

  • Moved in to the bigger side of the duplex.
  • Bought a minivan.
  • Invited Simon, our third child, in to our home.
  • Went to DCI West at Stanford.
  • Drove up to Washington and Oregon for summer vacation.

David & Valerie

  • David reached four years working at Flite.
  • Valerie discovered a new found love for falafel and gyros.
  • David finished at thirty mile bike race for a good cause.
  • Valerie taught preschool in our home for a month.


  • Won first place in her Kindergarten Science Fair.
  • Loves first grade.
  • Enjoyed soccer and swim lessons.
  • Started ballet.


  • Played soccer.
  • Enjoyed swim lessons and even put his head under water.
  • Helped David fix things around the house and also catch spiders.
  • Is an energetic three year old boy.


  • Was born in March.
  • Loves his brother and sister.
  • Is starting to walk.
  • Is the most wiggly of the LeMieux children.